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We are located at: 2799 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89122 (702) 458-7557
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Weekly $200 Drawing

Hit 4 Of A Kind on any max bet with no Wild cards and get an entry into our weekly $200 drawing, Wednesdays at 8pm. If you're present at the drawing and you win, you get a $50 bonus! If you aren't present, you must claim your prize by noon on Saturday.

Face Off

Cards Ace through King are up on our board. Hit 4 Of A Kind on max bet, and get a $10 bonus if the card is face up, PLUS entry into our weekly $200 drawing. If the card is face down, there is no bonus. The last card that is hit gets a $50 bonus! After the last card is hit, all the cards are turned over and Face Off starts all over again.

Sunday Football Face Off Special

During Sunday NASCAR Races and Football games, $10 Face Off bonuses pay DOUBLE during the entire race or game! (The final card hit is excluded.)

Royal Flush Suit Of The Month

Hit a Royal Flush (max bet, no Wild cards) in our Suit Of The Month, you get a 500 COIN bonus! Suits change monthly.